El Cicle Anual de l’Herbalista Animista

Catalan in person course / Curso presencial en catalán: 🌞EL CICLE ANUAL DE L’HERBALISTA ANIMISTA🌚 per El Jardí de les Bruixes & Occvlta Curs presencial entre dos Territoris Priorat - Pirineu Febrer - Maig - Agost - Novembre Inscripcions OBERTES a través de jardibruixes@laxia.cat o d’ occvlta@gmail.com Uneix-te al Jardí de les Bruixes i a... Continue Reading →

Occvlta online courses 2021-2022

We are very excited to introduce 13 new monographic and monthly courses on ethnobotany and plant folklore from an animistic and mystical perspective. We’ve decided to keep them short and practical, collaborating with others when possible, and making them more affordable to users. They will revolve around animistic herbalism and metzineria, and will deal with hedgeriding,... Continue Reading →

Cursos online Occvlta 2021-2022

Nos emociona mucho presentar estos 13 nuevos cursos monográficos sobre etnobotánica y flora desde una perspectiva animista y mística. Hemos decidido que sean cortos y prácticos, colaborando con otros cuando sea posible, y haciéndolos más asequibles para los usuarios. Los cursos girarán en torno al Herbalismo Animista y a la metzineria ("ponzoñería"), y tratarán sobre el... Continue Reading →

Animistic Herbalism 101 online course

The Animistic Herbalism 101 courseHow to enrollPrice, dates, recordings, and other info   The Animistic Herbalism 101 course Each month you will have a different class on animistic herbalism in podcast form (accessible only through Pharmakeus tier on Patreon, starting September 1st).  Each session will consist of a 15 minute podcast with access to a... Continue Reading →

Herbalismo Animista 101 curso online

El curso Herbalismo Animista 101Cómo inscribirsePrecio, fechas, grabaciones y otra información   El curso Herbalismo Animista 101 Cada mes tendrás una clase diferente de Herbalismo animista 101 en formato podcast (accesible sólo a través del tier Pharmakeus en Patreon, a partir del 1 de septiembre).  Cada sesión consistirá en un podcast de 15 minutos con... Continue Reading →

Akerbeltz Incense

Akerbeltz (or Aherbelste) is an ancient Pyrenean deity often linked to the god Pan. The ancient goat god, the protector of wildlife and the harvest cycle, eventually became the Witches’ Devil, Master of the Sabbat. Once a deification of wilderness, the deity became a protector of cattle, and later in time, an image of the... Continue Reading →

Delphic Incense

This Incense is our heartfelt homage to the Pythia, high priestess of Apollo, known as the Oracle of Delphi. The Pythia was said to be possessed by the god of illumination after chewing on bay laurel leaves, thanks to which she would prophesize the messages from the Otherworld. This incense is composed of bay laurel... Continue Reading →

Maledictio Incense

The Maledictio Incense is composed of fig leaves, hemlock, willow branch, mustard seeds, hellebore, black locust thorns, clove, and asafoetida among other spirits. The components resemble the parts of an effective curse or hex: -a stable structure for the practitioner and his/her surroundings -effective direction of a harmful or vengeful result towards the target -making... Continue Reading →

Theriomorph Incense

Theriomorph Incense is meant to help the practitioner getting in touch with the beast within. It includes sloes, henbane, copal, blackthorn thorns, juniper berries, and many other ingredients macerated in Patxaran or sloe gin. All made to help trespassing the barrier that allows us to fullfill the Urge. This incense draws inspiration from the Saturnalia... Continue Reading →

Plantas, Protección, y Defensa Mágica curso online

Plantas, Protección, y Defensa Mágica IntroducciónContenidos del CursoCalendarioPreciosCómo inscribirse   Introducción Ramos y flores colgadas sobre puertas y umbrales, hierbas quemadas para expulsar a los malos espíritus, ofrendas hechas a los árboles para curar los males del cuerpo y del espíritu. Las plantas han sido y son una parte necesaria de nuestras vidas, han propiciado... Continue Reading →

The Witches’ Ointment online course

The Witches' Ointment IntroductionCourse Syllabus   Introduction It seems witchcraft cannot escape current-day trends. Now stripped of traces of mysticism and taboo, witchcraft is often presented before us as a systemic, measurable path, limited by human intervention. Researchers who are also practitioners of witchcraft sometimes find themselves having to choose between academic and esoteric discourses,... Continue Reading →

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