Divination Tincture

12238357_1020888671267535_8146097427480529499_oThe Divination Tincture has been made according to a recipe composed of plants traditionally related to visions and divination in European folk magic. It is an alcohol highly concentrated maceration of mugwort, wormwood, rue, angelica root, and eyebright.

This tincture may be used on the practitioner himself before a divination procedure or it may be rubbed on the divinatory tools (crystals, pendula, hands, candles, etc) prior to their use.

Due to the lunar nature of the ingredients implied we advise to use this tincture only when the Sun does not shine in the sky. Offering to the spirits of the plants and the gods and goddesses of seership are also advised.

Made according to the principles of Verdant Gnosis and the Poison Path. Available at the Store.

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