Myrrh Tincture

myrr1This tincture is made of a high quality myrrh resin submerged in genuine Eau de Vin, the most luxurious of all spirits. The result is an elixir whose smell persists long after being applied, a fragrant solution that elevates the vibration of dead matter.

This maceration is crafted following the method specified in Schulke’s Ars Philtron, this menstruum has been for a whole lunation. Used for the protection of bones and sacralisation of remains, and it can be easily applied with its dropper cap.

Myrrh is considered one of the most valuable resins, as it praises the spirits and honors the vibrations contained in an inanimate vessel. As stated by Daniel Schulke, “Myrrh is a preserver and sustainer of the flesh, Ward against infectious spirits (….) to all unctions it adds the benefit of stewardship against corruption” (Viridarium Umbris, p. 265), and so it is advisable to use it on bones in order to protect, strengthen, purify, and preserve them.

Made according to the principles of Verdant Gnosis and the Poison Path.

Process of tincturing

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