17035739_10158483681540107_1623107542_oIt’s no surprise OCCVLTA has apparently been inactive for some time. Its founders have endured a series of transformations and revelations that have unexpectedly enhanced and aided to reach an evolutive growth and the achievement of a deeper goal.

We want to share with you, supporters, customers, -friends- the beginning of this new era, which we shall confront with joy and a renewed spirit.

From this point on, Occvlta will focus in the custom working of incenses, tinctures, oils, pendants, and various artifacts in the fields of herbalism, necromancy, and other kinds of Spirit work. That means we will focus on working on demand. However, we will occasionally offer ready made ingredients or tools, but those will be made with specific goals and contexts in mind.

The real aim behind Occvlta is to help people in their personal practice providing them with the guarantee of knowing that every artifact or tool has been crafted has following a high standard of correctness towards the Spirit and energies that rule the resulting work as well as towards the intended goal behind it.

ALL products are crafted ritually (such rituals are to be commented with the customer, if required). Plants are harvested, planted, or taken care of (if acquired from other sources) according to rituals observed in the Path of Poisons, the metzineria or ponzoñería that we are developing, and so, we are committed to reverencing the Spirits we work with, providing them with a fitting sacrifice in exchange, and entering in a long term relationship with them, not just “using” them for a purpose.

Thus being said, we hope you will join us in this Endeavour. With a fearless determination, with the will to learn, with respect towards those who are Hidden, we open the gates of our Garden, our Vault, and our Shrine.

To celebrate such rite of passage we have crafted a series of creations that we hope will suit you in this times of change and turmoil. Here is a list of the ready made artifacts you will find in the shop:


  • Myrrh Tincture: for the sacralisation of bones and remains.
  • Divination Tincture: to aid the seer in his divinatory processes.
  • Wormwood Tincture: a powerful concoction that encapsulates the spirit of this plant, used in the nocturnal path and dealings with the Otherworld. (coming soon)
  • Mugwort Oil: an aid in dream working and lunar goddesses worship. (coming soon)
  • Rue Water: a really powerful tool for exorcism of those noxious spirits that haunt individuals, objects, or places.

Herbal mixtures that can be added into wine or spirits (ccoming soon)

Ready made incenses

Custom works

You can still purchase these artifacts and tools at

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