Reflections on Metzineria (II): How to get Poisoned ‘Safely’

Datura flower by HckThrn

In this occasion we want to share with you another series reflection on Metzineria or the Path of Poisons, focusing on a recurring question: how should one get intoxicated/poisoned? We have received some doubts on what are the best substances to start experimenting with poisons, how to approach them, appropriate dosages, etc. Allow us to be a bit extensive here, for this is a tricky question that should not be approached lightly (are there any questions that should be?).

Firstly, we should analyze what we regard as poisons or intoxicating substances. Some could argue that our current conception of poisons corresponds to what were considered ‘dangerous’ substances in the past, those which could easily pose a threat to our physical or mental integrity. The thing is that, in the past, as we have talked about in previous articles, the notion of poison was quite blurry, as it depended highly on the dosage, and so snake venom or wolfsbane could be beneficial to health when wisely used.

Others may claim that Poison could be equivalent to psychoactive substances, i.e. a chemical that creates a perceivable shift in our consciousness. But, again, if you have ever tried herbs or substances regarded as medicine in an ‘unwise’ way (too much, inappropriate timing, etc.) you will have suffered a powerful yet subtle change in your mind or spirit. Moreover, as it has been claimed in other occasions, in the Path of Poisons everything is potentially psycho(spirit)active.

Nevertheless, we all know some individuals who regard themselves as “highly reactive”, and so, they like to show off that any substance they interact with always changes them crucially. In most cases, this is a result of self deception. Let us be clear here, people treading the Path of Poisons should be aware of the two greatest enemies one must destroy in order to move forward: Fear and Self Deceit. We have already discussed the danger of fear in this article, but let us now devote a few words to delve into Self Deceit. We have all been enslaved by our own projected image, by our vices and virtues, we have been blinded by what people say about us, all those false images we have assumed, all those roles we have imposed on ourselves. Poisons, when effective, annihilate the falsehood, the lies, and the previous conceptions on the Self, which can at times result in a major downfall. But those who like to categorize themselves, or like to take things for granted have a lot at stake. This is why, when treading the Path of Poisons, one must be able to overcome self limitations and the lies we pose onto ourselves.

But, for now, let’s move forward to the main point of this article: how can I get intoxicated / poisoned safely? How can I start taking poisons without losing my mind / dying / etc.?

Amanita Pantherina and acorns

As you may have pictured by now, we are not going to give you here a list of the ‘safest’ herbs or substances and there will be given no dosages, for there are no safe poisons, as you may have read a thousand times by now, and this means just exactly that: we can all be intoxicated by the ‘simplest’ Poison. Dosages entirely depend on the situation and the practitioner (our weight, our emotional / physical state, our levels of tolerance, etc.). And so, the only way to find it out is trying (and gathering some information on them beforehand).

But, evidently, one does not simply try. Every time we decide to interact with a substance -be it rosemary, lavender, fungi, wolfsbane or belladonna -we have to make sure we count with the acceptance of the Poison itself, we must be absolutely conscious of our mental, physical, and spiritual condition, and we must keep attentive on the environmental signs we receive, and discern them from the traps of Self Deceit.

Perhaps the best advice we could give you is: start with the things you have in your homeland, the native flora (and fauna) that grows in the soil you step on. Start gently, gathering spirits in an appropriate and worshipping way, and write down the time, day, personal condition, dosages, methods, and effects the Poison has had on you. Whether it is perceivably “effective” or it has apparently “done nothing”, mind that a small amount of the substance will always remain in the alembic of your body and spirit, and it may manifest in other subtle ways.

Still, if you are really intrigued about the effects, the safety, or how to ingest a substance, perhaps it would be wise to evaluate what is that you think you lack or you need to experience, instead of looking at what the plants can offer to you. Sometimes we are in search of a ‘legal/illegal high’, sometimes we are in search of a ‘purge’, sometimes we are in search of a ‘life changing experience’ in order to beat the numbness of our daily life. And no Poison can cure you of the mundane disease of boredom or waste of time. Make sure that all these maladies of the mind and soul have already been healed or casted aside when you interact with the Lords and Ladies of the Otherworld, and that you are not turning to a Poison in order to mend your problems.

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