Meditation Incense

Photo 28-3-17 9 01 37In order to craft this incense, we have tried several recipes before finding the most suitable one. This incense, contrary to what it may seem, is not solely intended to help the practitioner, but to appease the spirits that surround him/her in order to create the right environment for meditation, dreaming, and introspective works. Evidently, the spirits that interact in this incense also create a sense of lightness, calm, and peace which the practitioner may find appropriate in those moments, but bear in mind that introspection and meditation are not possible if Spirits are not pleased with us and help create an adequate environment for such matter.

The Spirits that agreed to be part of the Meditation incense blend are:

  • cedar wood: the wood of this aromatic tree is commonly used for the strengthening of the ritual space or the desired environment. Cedar, like myrrh, is a fortifier of matter, and its pleasant but powerfully woody smell empowers and awakens the physical temple.
  • fly agaric: a powerful fungus, tribute to the Faeries, a venefic door that awakes the unconscious, also a door to Madness that must be crossed with humble attitude and awareness
  • juniper berries: found since the Ancient times in incense blends of Siberian and northern Europe territories, these berries are considered an offering to the spirits of the Otherworld, and their sweet fermenting sugars attract dreams, visions, and soothes the practitioner.
  • mugwort: Queen herb of night time and Dream states, included in order to ensure we count with the approval of night spirits, dream regents,
  • pine resin: a soothing, earthy resin that helps ease the mind, body, and spirit, and cre
    ates a comfortable atmosphere for spirits to appear and be comforted.
  • rosemary: a herb with a widely-known power to protect, heal, and relax. This herbs is used in Western world to cleanse spaces, but as we have perceived in our praxis, the herb is a powerful stabilizer of the body.
  • wild rosemary: also called marsh tea or labrador tea (Ledum Palustre), it has been included historically in a variety of blends to calm the body, and it has attributed also psychoactive effects.

Photo 27-3-17 19 45 13As you may have perceived, this blend is deeply connected to the flora we can find in Northern Europe. This is not unintentional, as we have taken inspiration from Siberian shamanic cultures and approach to spirituality to craft this mixture. You will find the finished incense at the Store.

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