Gathering the Devil’s Turnip, English Mandrake

17880061_10158717552430107_3227934052987323963_oWhite bryony (Brionia Dioica) is also known as False Mandrake, English Mandrake, or Devil’s Turnip. In the past, Bryony was falsely sold as mandrake in some areas during the Middle Ages. Its roots, purgative and toxic, which can cause nausea and vomits if ingested, were carved and moulded into human shape by ludicrous merchants.

In the Poison Path, this poisonous root -said to be a ‘furious martial plan’ by Culpeper- is considered a gift of the Devil for works of Treachery, Mischief, Betrayal, Retaliation and a deep work of Transformation. Not without reason, Augustus Cesar was said to wear crowns of bryony to protect himself from lightning.

These roots have been gathered today, Wednesday 12th or April 2017, first thing in the morning (before the sun shone high in the sky), in the crossroads of a forest area.

Gathering this kind of infernal plants requires the usage of iron tools, a lot of suffering, but also cunning and a bit of blood. Those things were given and offered willingly.

Roots available at the Store.

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