Mugwort Oil

“The magical dominion of Mugworts is the making pure of the Path, (…) its governance of the path extends into nocturnal wandering, for it is principally a plant of Dreaming.” (D. Schulke, Viridarium Umbris, 461)

Mugwort (Artemisia Vulgaris) is a magnificient herb that may go unnoticed when walking along roads and hedges. Her nature, protective, warding, but restless, is really fitting for those who wish to walk the path of Dreams.

Mugwort grants the protection of the Lady of the Cave, the ruler of the Good People in their nightly cavalcade. And thus, we decided to create an oil of dreaming, that helps the wanderer in his nocturnal journey.

The Crafting process of oil:

An oil is the perfect method to preserve the properties of the living plant spirit as it keeps the powers and vibration that the spirit had in life, but, mind you, an oil is also the result of a fiery process, and so, in such occasions the plant spirit has undergone a process of sublmation that makes the remaining substance is somewhat volatile. Therefore, during the process of crafting an oil it is important to keep a calm attitude and take care of the fire so it does not spoil the process, and for this reason, the making of an oil is a very introspective rite that shall be endured with devotion and quietness.

Mugwort Oil

IMG_5658This oil was made with freshly harvested leaves of mother wort, which had been put to dry thoroughly to make sure the oil did not turn rancid. Afterwards, the fragrant leaves were put into warm almond oil for long hours, and handled with devotion and care. Finally, some drops of high quality frankincense essential oil were added to the resulting opus, to grant the benefit of spirits and to improve the skills of vision to make sure the images that were dreamt remained in the mind and were transcendental to the practitioner.

We would advise to use this oil before entering the realm of sleep, as it helps remembering dreams, and making them more vivid, vibrant, and arcane. Medicinally speaking, this oil is suitable for PMS, kidney pain, and achieving states of deep physical and mental relaxation.

This oil is available at the Store.

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