Smoking Blends by Occvlta


This season we have introduced a new series of herbal products for those who walk the ways of magical herbalism, sorcery, and devotion, following the precepts of the Poison Path.

As we have said in the past, there are several steps to cover before we decide to go for a full inmersion and start ingesting Poisons. Things should never be rushed, and it is advisable to follow a very sensible and conscious approach to the interaction with herbal allies prior to achieving a full contact.

The first step is, as we have claimed, gathering/harvesting plants: seeing them, smelling them, touching them, and even hearing them, allowing our senses to rejoice in the texture, their colours, their fragrance, and the sound their leaves make. Then, we can go for a deeper interaction, in the form of incense. Once we have unveiled the secrets of incense and its limitations, the most logical step would be smoking. Keeping the format of sublimation by fire, smoking a herb sends its spirit through our lungs into our body and merge with our spirit.

However, smoking is not harmless. The combustion of herbs in fire and the ingestion of smoke is, plainly speaking, a form of intoxication, which does not go unnoticed by our respiratory system. The thing that matters to us is, what are we smoking and on what context?

IMG_7162Smoking in ritual settings started more likely in prehistoric times, since there are evidences of smoking ritual practices in Middle East in the 5000 BCE and in North America in 400BCE. Smoking, as incense, elevates the sublimated spirits of plants towards the sky through smoke, rising our prayers, our words, wishes, and thoughts to the divinity. Smoke can be a purifier, a cleanser, but also a vehicle for intention.

Nowadays we smoke for recreational and social purposes, as opposed to or past, but at the same time, there are times when we can regard smoking as an intimate action, related to our own intoxication and the sacrality of it.

When we decided to start crafting smoking blends at Occvlta, we got our inspiration from old recipes in different traditions, always respecting their background, context, and divinities involved.

IMG_7198 2So we started with The Hunter Blend, inspired in old smoking blends from the European rural areas used in the past as substitutes of tobacco. The Hunter Blend incorporates mullein, hyssop, and henbane, a trigon of poisons/medicines that balances itself and invigorates our body and protects our spirit, getting us ready for that Hunt, symbolic or literal, for what our spirit craves.

We tested that recipe repeatedly, making sure the effects were not strongly psychoactive but not imperceivable. Thus, the practitioner will feel a slight sense of elevation (not to be mistaken with relaxation), and re-energisation of the body and the spirit.

IMG_7193After that, we went forth to experiment with exotic herbal mixtures until we found what would constitute the Conjurer, inspired in the mixtures smoked by Hindu herbal ayurvedic mixtures and aghori sadhu narcotic herbs. So we got to a mixture of datura seeds, damiana, coriander, calamus root, clove, cinnammon, juniper, and belladonna leaves. Its aroma, hot and spicy, inflames the spirit and the body, awakes the serpent within, and stimulates our instincts. This blend is a perfect combination for rites of devotion or sacralisation of the divine feminine. This blend actually appeared in a rite of inspiration, and once it was tested and adjusted, we were more than sure to incorporate it into our offering.

IMG_7189Finally, we felt the need to craft a more narcotic, lower vibration, dream working focused blend, to relax the body and spirit, and connect the practitioner with the hidden messages that we find in the Realm of Dreams. Thus the Sleep Walker Blend was born. Inspired in the Roman blends for the soporatum sponges, we crafted a mixture incorporating wormwood, mugwort (the two artemisia herbs, ladies of sleep), wild lettuce leaves (the equivalent to opium in the European tradition), opium, and lavender.

The effect of this blend is relaxing, sleep inducing, and allows the spirit to work in dream like state more deeply and connected with those messages that lay hidden behind the Wall of Sleep.

All the smoking blends can also be infused in boiling water and used as infusions, as they do not contain resins. However, that process will change the effects in the body and the spirit, and so, discretion is advised.

These blends are available at our Store, and will be restocked constantly.


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