The Conjurer Blend

IMG_7196 2The Conjurer Blend is inspired in the mixtures smoked by Hindu herbal ayurvedic mixtures and aghori sadhu narcotic herbs. It consists of a mixture of datura seeds, damiana, coriander seeds, calamus root, clove, cinnammon, juniper berries, and belladonna leaves.

Its aroma, hot and spicy, inflames the spirit and the body, awakes the Serpent within, and stimulates our instincts. This blend is a perfect combination for rites of devotion or sacralisation of the divine feminine. It actually appeared during a rite of inspiration, and once it was tested and adjusted, we were more than sure to incorporate it into our offering.

All the smoking blends can also be smoked in a pipe, rolled into joints, or infused in boiling water and used as infusions, as they do not contain resins. However, that process will change the effects in the body and the spirit, and so, discretion is advised.

These blends are available at our Store, and will be restocked constantly.


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