The Hunter Blend

IMG_7198 2The Hunter Blend, inspired in old smoking blends from the European rural areas used in the past as substitutes of tobacco. The Hunter Blend incorporates mullein, the basis of most tobacco substitutes, regarding as pulmonary tonic, a forgotten medicinal plant which acts also as a powerful envigorating agent for spirit and Will to Power, hyssop, a protective herb, that will allow us to advance in the Wild and Untamed regions of Nature and Spirit, and henbane, the wildest of poisons, Lord of the Gates of the Bestiality, Death, and powerful vehiculator of the spirits that conform the Wild Hunt.

Thus, the Hunter Blend is a trigon of Poisons that balances itself and invigorates our body and protects our spirit, getting us ready for that Hunt, symbolic or literal, preparing us for what our spirit craves.

IMG_7195We tested that recipe repeatedly, making sure the effects were not strongly psychoactive but not imperceivable. Thus, the practitioner will feel a slight sense of elevation (not to be mistaken with relaxation), and re-energisation of the body and the spirit.

All the smoking blends can also be smoked in a pipe, rolled into joints, or infused in boiling water and used as infusions, as they do not contain resins. However, that process will change the effects in the body and the spirit, and so, discretion is advised.

These blends are available at our Store, and will be restocked constantly.

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