The Sleep Walker Blend

IMG_7189The Sleep Walker Blend is a narcotic mixture, which works on a much lower vibration than the rest of blends we have created. It is aimed for dream working, as it achieves a state of relaxation of the body and spirit, and connects the practitioner with the hidden messages that we find in the Realm of Dreams.

Inspired in the Roman and medieval blends for the soporatum sponges, we crafted a mixture incorporating wormwood, mugwort (the two artemisia herbs, Ladies of Sleep, Visions, and Reveries), wild lettuce leaves (the equivalent to opium in the European tradition), opium, and lavender flowers.

The effect of this blend is relaxing, sleep inducing, and allows the practitioner to work in dream-like state more deeply and connected with those messages that lay hidden behind the Wall of Sleep.

All the smoking blends can also be infused in boiling water and used as infusions, as they do not contain resins. However, that process will change the effects in the body and the spirit, and so, discretion is advised.

These blends are available at our Store, and will be restocked constantly.

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