Sacred Tool series: the Harvester Set

img_8544Today we received six harvesting knives wonderfully envisioned and hand crafted by Cody Dickerson from Borealis Ironworks (you can find his fantastic Etsy shop in here), which will integrate the upcoming Harvester Sets (composed of a harvest/gathering knife and an oil to anoint the blade before the harvesting ritual). They are perfect sized (portable and easily conceivable), their blade is sharp, and their little horns are a helpful ally when unearthing roots.

The oil, crafted by Occvlta, and consistent of a series of protective resins and herbs, will make sure the blade is not offending any spirit locii and will help in the transition of the plant spirits from their natural state to that of the plant corpse. It will also include an herbal offering and instructions for procedure.

Here is a picture of each knife, detailed (click on image to enlarge):

We will possibly be offering a pre-order option for them, if we see it necessary. You can stay updated through our Facebook page and Instagram.

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