Toad Witch Incense


Toad Witch incense, Occvlta’s last creation, is comoposed of a series of spirits which were carefully chosen by us after a series of trials.

Here is a small review on its components:

  • amber resin: a resin of transformation and transmutation, sacred in Europe throughout the past, enhancer of firery power.
  • blackberries: fruits of the hedge, that may aid the practitioner in trespassing the boundaries that separate us from the Other World.
  • fern leaves: sacred plant in Pyrenean metzineria, bringer of fortune, Paladdin of the Devil, Horned Master
  • walnut tree leaves: also related to spirit flight, a Witch Axis Mundi if you will, as found in the Italian stregheria saying: 

« Unguento unguento
portami al noce di Benevento
sopra l’acqua e sopra il vento
e sopra ogni altro maltempo. »

(Ointment ointment, take me to Benevento’s Walnut tree, over water, over wind, and over all bad weather)

  • wild lettuce leaves: a relaxer of the body and aid in disconnection from the Double
  • hops: a sacred plant of divine intoxication, tribute to the mountain hedges
  • toad skin and bones (from a toad found dead in the woods): the great witch familiar, ultimate transmutator and
  • blackthorn thorns: fixers of spellcraft and all sorceries
  • fig tree wood: a sweet boon from the Devil Tree, a helper in black sorcery and night flight
  • henbane seeds: Treasure plant of the underworld, the aid in the real spirit flight
  • foxglove flowers: caller of fairy spirits
  • and left to macerate in belladonna liquor: the Queen of Night plant

This powerfully sweet but at the same time acrid smelling incense is inteded to be used as an aid in spirit flight, building the compass round, and calling of familiars (speacially the Toad), and as a help to prepare the atmosphere for adequate spellcraft. It was ritually crafted under the influence of Henbane. This henbane was ritually crafted under the influence of Henbane on a Friday night, under the crescent moon.

21362348_10159484988670107_376647328_oAvailable at the Store in 30 ml. amber jars. Limited batch. If sold out, please email us at , we can craft more in demand for no extra cost.

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