There and Back Again: on the VGS 2018, deep changes, and upcoming news

37049979_10160851398975107_6782846880532398080_nI finally returned from the fourth edition of the Viridis Genii Symposium, which took place in the Pack Forest in Eatonville, Washington, and it has been a hectic, impressive, and life-changing experience.

I had the chance to travel to a completely new place by myself, I met amazing and like-minded people, and I learned a lot about plants, plant people, and myself as well. I had never attended a symposium revolving around the plant world from the magical perspective, and it certainly did not disappoint. The location chosen for the occasion was just dreamy: wooden cabins surrounded by Nature, visited here and there by Foxglove, which I personally took as a faeric sign of approval. The attendants, participants, and organisers displayed a huge respect for the place and what was going on there, something really rare these days, in which the magical practice is either used as a means to earn money for personal profit or as a selfish way to gain prestige. As I claimed before my lecture, the organisers, Catamara, Marcus, and all those who volunteered (to whom I am immensely grateful for their hospitality and dedication) set an example for the rest of the world.

Pack Forest in Eatonville, WA

From a personal perspective, I experienced lecturing on the Pyrenean concept of Metzineria while being really far from the Pyrenees, in fact, the furthest from home I’ve ever been. This left me with a warm and deep feeling of validation from the Land I live in and I work with, which has proven to me that willpower only works when aligned with awareness: change and Death are necessary in order to be born anew. I hope this will encourage you to take action and start working on the life goals you have; even though we take risks, Spirits value what we do, and I firmly believe that if we follow our own path, we are compensated by them.

This whole process has culminated in disclosure: I am now eager to keep researching, practising, and spreading the results of my work the best way possible; I now feel like it’s worth my effort and energy, but let me be frank here, I do not do this in order to teach you or show you anything, I do this because it is my duty -and a great one- to transmit the information adequately. I hope I will be able to do this better each time.

37061805_10160851398820107_5269596616431501312_nApart from the deep changes I have undergone, there are some other changes that are about to manifest. Firstly, we are about to finish the new webstore in less than a month. The new webstore will combine Mons Niger, the upcoming publishing endeavour we are working on right now, the Occvlta store (featuring the new enamel pins for which you have been patiently waiting for), and the Triangulum Ignis store as well. We are the same two people behind all three projects, so we thought it would make much more sense and would simplify things for both customers and us. Hope this will fulfil your needs.

I am also planning on crafting more talismans and objects for the upcoming Death Cult Rising festival that will take place in Barcelona on September 7th, as well as for the next edition of L’Homme Sauvage, that will take place in the Pyrenees of France on September 28th and 29th. These events are amazing, and we think we should support them as strongly as we can.

Let’s do it, with will, awareness, and the aid of the Spirits.


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