Pyrene, Awaken Once More


This weekend we attended the second edition of L’Homme Sauvage festival, in the French region of Occitania. We never thought it would be possible, but this edition was even better than the first one. Everything seemed to collide perfectly: the people, the performances, the location, and a feeling that gave cohesion to it all, orchestrated and curated by an amazingly devoted organization.

This event never fails to amaze us, and it reassures our convictions and spiritual points of view towards the path we are working on. It is easily perceivable that more and more people are now working towards a revival of Pyrenean folklore and spirituality, new individual and group initiatives are emerging, and this just gives us even more strength to keep on working.

The mountains are aware of such efforts and endeavors, and even though they may seem harsh and demanding, they reward those who work hard and wholeheartedly. You may have noticed we are not publishing as many articles as we used to, but right now we are putting our efforts in writing a new book for Atramentous Press that will bear the title of Pyrenean Witchcraft and will see the light in winter 2019. We cannot offer any more details on the matter, but one thing is certain; working on this book has ratified and confirmed what we believed in, and it has helped to put our experiences and thoughts in order. Hopefully, it will help readers achieve the same.

The hardest part of recovering and reconstructing a tradition is not looking for sources, walking the land again and again without a response, or dealing with the lack of information or input: loneliness is the hardest part. Even though the Crooked Path of Witchcraft, Sorcery, or the Path of Poisons are naturally regarded as solitary -for they deal with the detachment and the initiation in mysteries- it is very hard to do everything on your own. This is why the current situation of re-awakening the Pyrenean Land with initiatives like Perennial Pyrenees , the Por Encima de Todas las Zarzas blog, or L’Homme Sauvage mean the world to us; they deserve all the support and attention.

And the conclusions reached by those independent initiatives do not differ from each other, a peculiarity that can only be read as the Land’s acknowledgment for the quality of their work and the spark of illumination they get from the Darkness. The convergence of these paths in a unique destination leads us to an even more elevated and hidden goal, but perhaps that one can only be attained with the combination of our efforts.

Because sincere efforts keep the blood running under the soil, they maintain the secrets kept in the mist, they hold the riddles entangled in the solstice fires. No egos or personal frustration can be involved in devotion, so our hands are guided by sincere love for this land which has accepted us as its indwellers and seekers. May the path grow as high as the peak of Anelthou, and may the flame of inspiration shine bright between Aherbeleste’s horns.

Picture by H.P.V.

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