Necromancy and Herbalism: Online Course October 2020


Necromancy and Herbalism: Plants of the Dead


Our lives depend on Death. We nourish ourselves with Death every time we eat, we revive the Dead each time we talk about or think about them. We cyclically celebrate the Death and Rebirth of the natural cycle. And although Death is something constantly present in our daily lives, it entails a never-ending mystery. And so it has been since the very beginning: Death has always motivated the creation of beliefs, religions, customs, and traditions.

The Plant world is closely related to the Mystery of Death. For centuries, Plant Allies have been used for communicating or communing with the Dead, to scare off those spirits that have become restless and parasitic, and to try and understand the great Mystery of the ultimate transgression in mysticism and religion.

In this two-week online course, we will deal with Herbalism in relation to Necromancy. In order to do so, we will talk about the history, principles, and elements of the classical necromantic practice. We will analyze how this path relates to folk magic and witchcraft. We will discover which plants have been used in necromantic rituals, funerary ceremonies, and which plants have been used in Ancestor Work through the ages.

Additionally, we will address the harvest of Plants intended to be used in Necromancy, Funerary rites, Ancestor Work, and we will introduce the basics of graveyard etiquette.

Enrollments start on September 3rd at the store.

Course Syllabus

Week 1:

  • Death in Folklore and TraditionNECRO_ENG
    • Ancestor Work
  • History of Necromancy
    • Principles of Necromancy
    • Elements for Necromantic Practice
  • Necromancy Today
  • Death and Witchcraft

Week 2:

  • Plants of the Dead
    • Necromantic Plants
    • Funerary Plants
    • Plants and Ancestors
  • Harvesting the Plants of the Dead
  • Graveyard Etiquette


    • First lesson: 4th of October 2020:
      • at 6pm Spanish time (12pm EDT / 11am CDT / 9am PDT)
    • Second lesson: 11th of October 2020:
      • at 6pm Spanish time (12pm EDT / 11am CDT / 9am PDT)

If you need help figuring out at what time is the class please check the following link:


The Necromancy and Herbalism online course costs 80 euro. The prices will be updated in 2021, so this is the final chance to enroll in this course for a reduced cost. The reduced price still includes:

  • 24-page pdf dossier
  • 2 Zoom lessons of 3 hours and 30 minutes each
  • online technical support via instant message or email

How to enroll

Enrollments open September 3rd at 6pm Spanish time (12pm EDT / 11am CDT / 9am PDT) and they will be made through the store.

Once you have placed your order, you will receive a pdf with instructions on how to access the Zoom class and other details.

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