Online Courses calendar for 2020-2021

Necromancy and Herbalism: the Plants of the Dead

4-11 October 2020 at 6pm Spanish time

A journey through the history and evolution of Necromancy, perhaps the oldest form of sorcery. We will discover which plant allies that have been used in necromancy, funerary rites, and ancestor work since ancient times.

The Path of Poisons

7-14-21 November 2020 at 6pm Spanish time

This course with the applications of ethnobotany in the western tradition, through the concepts of phármakon, veneficium, metzina, and entheogens. We will discover the secrets behind some demonized plants, and we will learn how to walk this path with security, coherence, and confidence.


Plants of the Hedge

6-13-20 December 2020 at 6 Spanish time

In this course, we will discover the plants of the Hedge, i.e. plants that shape our contact with the Underworld, Spirit flight, and other trance practices associated with witchcraft. We will discover the secrets of thorns and their role as allies and talismans to help us in the practices of hedge witchcraft and spirit flight.


The Witches’ Ointment

6-13-20 February 2021 at 6 pm Spanish time

A theoretical and practical course in which we will unveil the secrets of the famous witches’ ointment. We will talk about its history, conceptualization, ingredients, and method of preparation, and we will apply it to the practice of witchcraft as part of an initiatory and introspective practice.


Plants for protection: cleansing, warding, and strengthening herbs

10-17-24 April at 6pm Spanish time

Theoretical-practical course on those plants considered protective and capable of energetically or spiritually cleaning places, objects, and living beings in the western tradition. We will cover folklore and popular customs related to magical protection, and learn to establish parameters and rituals to eliminate harmful energies.


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