Plants of the Hedge online course

Plants of the Hedge



In Occvlta we understand witchcraft as a path that seeks to explore the limits of existence and grant us access to the Otherworld. Its aim is to bring us together with Otherness by transcending the self. In order to reach that state of Otherness, we feel it is necessary to interact with the Hedge, the boundary between Worlds, the barrier between the natural and the supernatural.
If we look at folklore and customary traditions, we will find that the Hedge is often represented by the area enclosed by a fence or a deep thicket of thorny bushes that protects the domestic world from the outside: a very powerful symbol that has been installed in our collective unconscious up to this day. This concept will serve as a Letimotiv in this course to be able to create an individual practice of Witchcraft, in which each attendee will create his/her own method of Hedgeriding with the help of the Land and Plant Allies of his/her choice.

With the help of occult herbalism we will discover the Plants of the Hedge, those that facilitate accessing the Otherworld and to carry out other practices associated with witchcraft, and we will try to discover their secrets and their role as allies in Spirit Flight.

We will offer a historical and folkloric framework in which to place the individual experience, perhaps serving as inspiration and a starting point to interact with the Land and its hidden aspects.
We believe that this course can help create a nexus between witchcraft and herbalism and the poison path, a practical starting point with a theoretical base to inspire us to create our own practice.

Who is this course aimed at?
This course is aimed at those who wish to work on primitive witchcraft and similar mysteric paths with the aid of the Land and the plant kingdom, so it would be recommended to herbalists, witchcraft practitioners, and those who walk the path of poisons, whatever level they may have.


Course Syllabus

Block I:

  • Preliminary Notes on Primitive Witchcraft
  • Witchcraft Today
  • Hedgewitchery
  • The Hedge
    • Hedgeriding Practices
    • Hedgeriding Practices Associated to Sorcery, Magic, Herbalism, and Medicine
  • PRACTICE 1: The Land as a Key to Access the Hedge

In this first block, we will present the concepts of primitive witchcraft, the Hedge, and the different techniques of Hedgeriding in which we can establish our practice. In the practice of the block we will talk about the role of the Land in the Witchcraft-related practices, and how to establish a relationship with it.

Block II:

  • The Plants of the Hedge
  • Thorny Plants
    • Beneficial Thorns
    • Malefic Thorns
  • Thorns in Magic, Medicine, and Sorcery
    • Application of Thorns in Magic, Medicine, and Sorcery
  • Thorns and Witchcraft
    • Application of Thorns in Witchcraft
  • PRACTICE 2: a Prickly Job, finding the Hedge in the Plant Kingdom

In the second block, we deal with the Plants of the Hedge, those that are commonly associated in folklore with the Hedge (bushes and thorny plants) as well as the psychoactive plants that have been associated with the riding of the Hedge in the western tradition, their role in the sorcery, magic, medicine, and witchcraft. We also incorporate a practice aimed at finding the Hedge plant with which we will work on our personal practice.

Block III:

  • How to Interact with the Plants of the Hedge
    • Identifying Plant Allies
    • Establishing Contact
    • Harvesting Plants of the Hedge
    • Integrating Hedge Plants into Personal Practice
  • Some Conclusions
  • PRACTICE 3: The Spirit Vessel, an Ally of the Hedge
  • Bibliography

In the third block we will talk about how to interact with the Plants of the Hedge and incorporate them into our witchcraft practice and other mysteric paths. We will address its harvest and possible interactions, focusing on the practical aspect of spirit vessels, an ancient concept present in Western folklore that will be very useful to establish a continuous and fruitful contact with our corresponding plant ally.

*Each part of this course includes a series of practice suggestions for which you will not need any materials.

Enrollments will open on November 6th at the store. More info below.



  • Block I: 6th of December 2020:
    • at 6pm Spanish time (12pm EDT / 11am CDT / 9am PDT)
  • Block II: 13th of December 2020:
    • at 6pm Spanish time (12pm EDT / 11am CDT / 9am PDT)
  • Block III: 20th of December 2020:
    • at 6pm Spanish time (12pm EDT / 11am CDT / 9am PDT)

If you need help figuring out at what time is the class please check the following link:



The price of the course is 195 euro. The price includes:

  • a dossier with all the contents of the class
  • 3 three-hour length online classes via Zoom and the chance to access the recordings of the class in case you miss them for 60 days
  • online technical and didactic support via mail and instant message
  • Exclusive access to the “Introduction to Witchcraft” 90 minute talk for 60 days.


How to enroll

Enrollments open November 6th at 6pm Spanish time (12pm EDT / 11am CDT / 9am PDT) and they will be made through the store.

Once you have placed your order, you will receive a pdf with instructions on how to access the Zoom class and other details.

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