The Witches’ Ointment online course

The Witches’ Ointment



It seems witchcraft cannot escape current-day trends. Now stripped of traces of mysticism and taboo, witchcraft is often presented before us as a systemic, measurable path, limited by human intervention. Researchers who are also practitioners of witchcraft sometimes find themselves having to choose between academic and esoteric discourses, because both sides of the story are often presented as eternally irreconcilable. Also, things do not seem to add up when we combine the conclusions reached in anthropology, history, and folklore. There is always something missing, specially something that connects this path to something older, more primitive, something that resonates deeply with our intuition.

This unexplainable sensation of incompleteness is more evident when we focus on a certain aspect of witchcraft, ie. the witches’ ointment, the concoction used by certain individuals for flying and shape shifting. The ointment escapes, at least apparently, any reasonable explanation, and forces us to choose sides (a religious approach, a scientific approach, the historian approach, or the esoteric approach). There are as many theories about the ointment as there are individuals who have talked about it.

We believe that what makes it hard for us to understand the concept of the ointment (and also what makes it hard to really comprehend what Hedgeriding is about) are the limitations of the discipline we choose to follow when entering in this path. The biggest problem we face when trying to understand the witches’ ointment is, on the one hand, that the topic is not observed holistically, and on the other hand, that the ointment is often portrayed as separate from the mystery of Hedgeriding and primitive witchcraft. We try to confine the ointment to mythology, science, popular belief, while perhaps what we should do is try to understand it from a mystical point of view, as an integral part of an initiatory path.

This is why we decided to offer The Witches’ Ointment online course, to present the ointment as a key to the path of Hedgeriding and witchcraft in its most primitive aspect, as a potential mystery that the practitioner can incorporate to their personal practice. We want you to accompany us on a path of research, self-discovery, and work with our surroundings that results in something that works only for YOU.

This course is recommended to those who wish to find the connection between Witchcraft / Hedgeriding, and the Path of Poisons, those who want to find the missing link that connects work with allies, plants, the Hedge, and Spirit Flight.


Course Syllabus

Part I: Some believe that witches fly

  • Introduction
  • Theories about witches ointment
    • Ointments in mythology
    • Ointments and heresy
    • Ointments and science
  • Spirit (and body?) Flight
  • Poison / metzina / ponzoña and its relevance in Witchcraft
    • The Witches’ Ointment

This block introduces the masks that the witches’ ointment has used throughout history and the theories that have been used to explain and present this concept in the academic and the esoteric fields. We will introduce the concepts of Spirit Flight and of poison / metzina / ponzoña as supporting concepts for a holistic comprehension of the witches’ ointment.

Part II: Green like the populeon

  • The elements of the ointment
    • Symbolic elements
    • Tangible items
  • Plant, animal, mineral allies
  • Ointment recipes throughout history
    • Interpreting recipes under a mystical light

In this part, we will analyze the elements and recipes of the ointment from a mystical approach. We will talk about the plants that we often find in historical texts: toxic, narcotic, sedative, stimulant substances, etc. and we will analyze different recipes found in historical and folk sources.

Part III: Wait until you’ve been anointed

  • Ointment formulation
    • Goals
    • Crafting your personal recipe
  • Creation of the ointment
    • Tools
    • Creation process
  • Incorporating the ointment in your hedgeriding / witchcraft practice
    • How, When, Where
  • Bibliography

In this part, we will talk about the practical and magical aspects of the ointment creation process, what to take into account when we formulate our ointment, the methods to do it, and its use in a mystical or spiritual context.

ATTENTION: We recommend enrolling in this course if only you have already attended “The Path of Poisons course. However, some of the basic concepts covered in the aforementioned course will be briefly reintroduced in this one.

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