Akerbeltz Incense


Akerbeltz (or Aherbelste) is an ancient Pyrenean deity often linked to the god Pan. The ancient goat god, the protector of wildlife and the harvest cycle, eventually became the Witches’ Devil, Master of the Sabbat. Once a deification of wilderness, the deity became a protector of cattle, and later in time, an image of the Master of Witchcraft.

This blend is intended to help the practitioner contact the spirits that dwell in the forest. It can be used both indoors and outdoors, as an offering and as an ally to spirit flight, devotional work, and spell-crafting.

This Incense is ritually crafted to honour Akerbeltz, in its wildest and most primitive aspect. It is composed of spruce tips, juniper branches and needles, amber, woodruff, and pine resin, among other spirits.

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