Animistic Herbalism 101 online course


The Animistic Herbalism 101 course

Each month you will have a different class on animistic herbalism in podcast form (accessible only through Pharmakeus tier on Patreon, starting September 1st). 

Each session will consist of a 15 minute podcast with access to a discord group to create discussions and debate regarding animistic herbalism. Here are the topics that will be dealt with each month:

September: Animistic herbalism: basic concepts.

October: Plants as spirits: history and implications.

November: Plants as allies: what makes an ally? Typologies, history.

December: Interactions with plant spirits.

January: About Offerings: basics and concerns.

February: Harvest and foraging allies.

March: Growing allies.

April: Creating alliances: methods and implications.

May: Interpreting and reading signs.

June: Application principles.

July: Ethnobotany and plant lore principles.

August: Troubleshooting and Q&A.


How to enroll

In order to enroll the Animistic Herbalism 101 course you will have to join our Occvlta Patreon PHARMAKEUS tier (available September 1st).


Price, dates, recordings, and other info

Each month on Pharmakeus tier is 12 euro + taxes. 

The Animistic Herbalism 101 course will be available at the beginning of each month in podcast form.

Recordings will be available for 30 days.


Don’t worry, we will be offering recordings and materials from our past courses at a reduced price, so as to make them accessible to everyone. It’s possible that we repeat a couple of our old courses, we will announce the date soon.

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