Born out of the will to maneuver the energies dwelling in Nature, Occvlta exults over the most arcane
and crooked paths of yore. Through solution, conjunction, coagulation and exaltation, we
intend to transform
the prima materia into powerful -yet sensible- creations.

The result is a series of ritually-crafted materials, engendered
in accordance with long-established correspondences,
the reign of lunar and seasonal cycles,
the wisdom acquired through

*      *

Occvlta is a two-people endeavor whose main aim has been focused on crafting high-quality herbal products and artifacts for the alchemist, the poisoner, the apothecary, and the practitioner of Witchcraft since 2013. Its founding members and owners reside in the Pyrenees of Catalonia and the focus of their work revolves around the awakening and remembrance of forgotten Witch and Plant lore from the mountain territories, something they accomplish with their creations but also through working with museums, cultural entities, workshops, and teaching.

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