Akerbeltz Incense

Akerbeltz (or Aherbelste) is an ancient Pyrenean deity often linked to the god Pan. The ancient goat god, the protector of wildlife and the harvest cycle, eventually became the Witches’ Devil, Master of the Sabbat. Once a deification of wilderness, the deity became a protector of cattle, and later in time, an image of the... Continue Reading →

Delphic Incense

This Incense is our heartfelt homage to the Pythia, high priestess of Apollo, known as the Oracle of Delphi. The Pythia was said to be possessed by the god of illumination after chewing on bay laurel leaves, thanks to which she would prophesize the messages from the Otherworld. This incense is composed of bay laurel... Continue Reading →

Maledictio Incense

The Maledictio Incense is composed of fig leaves, hemlock, willow branch, mustard seeds, hellebore, black locust thorns, clove, and asafoetida among other spirits. The components resemble the parts of an effective curse or hex: -a stable structure for the practitioner and his/her surroundings -effective direction of a harmful or vengeful result towards the target -making... Continue Reading →

Theriomorph Incense

Theriomorph Incense is meant to help the practitioner getting in touch with the beast within. It includes sloes, henbane, copal, blackthorn thorns, juniper berries, and many other ingredients macerated in Patxaran or sloe gin. All made to help trespassing the barrier that allows us to fullfill the Urge. This incense draws inspiration from the Saturnalia... Continue Reading →

Eldritch Incense

Eldritch Incense, inspired by the universe envisioned by H.P. Lovecraft and his acolytes, is a dark, deep and hypnotic blend of narcotic spirits, which includes wormwood, labdanum, wild lettuce, damar resin, calamus root, spikenard and vetiver roots among others spirits. The blend is then left to macerate in squid ink diluted in our homemade absinthe.... Continue Reading →

Ancestor Incense

This blend can be offered as a warm and loving gift to our Ancestors, be they bound to us by blood or by land: to attract them, to appease them, and to let them know they have a place in our homes or shrines. Ancestor Incense is composed of poplar branches, myrrh, lavender, everlasting flowers,... Continue Reading →

Increase Incense

Increase Incense, a blend composed of apple tree branches, hazel leaves, chili peppers, frankincense, mastic, Saint John’s wort, and buttercup flowers. This incense was crafted on May 1st and left to macerate in wine and local honey. This incense facilitates wealth of all kinds, the opening of roads, and the making of good decisions. We... Continue Reading →

Diabolos Incense

Diabolos Incense, our new blend, dedicated to the Witchfather. A powerful mixture of walnut and blackthorn branches, rosehips, fig leaves, dammar resin, dragon’s blood, henbane flowers, and thornapple seeds. To be mixed with soil from your crossroads of choice and used in all those works that demand the presence of the Old One.

Hedge-cross Incense

Our Hedge-cross Incense is crafted under the New Moon, and it is composed of oak wood, vetiver root, black copal resin, calamus root, damar resin, henbane seeds, cypress leaves, fennel seeds, sloe berries, and macerated in honey. This incense has a deep sweet and inebriating aroma, and it is inspired in the aromas of the... Continue Reading →

Warding Incense

The Warding Incense is intended for the protection of spaces and living beings; it's a very woody mixture including Pyrenean turpentine resin, holly berries and leaves, pine resin, yarrow, sage, dried apple, and macerated in sweet Moscatel wine for a lunar cycle. This incense is to be used in protection and warding rituals, to prevent noxious energies... Continue Reading →

Conjuration Incense

The Conjuration Incense is one of our first blends, and its efficiency has been proved several times. This incense has been made according to the recipe found in Hyslop’s Folk Herbal, and it is meant to be used for inducing the manifestation of spirits or ‘devils’. In origin, its components were traditionally seen as spirit... Continue Reading →

Pactum Incense

Our blood red Pactum Incense, crowned with Alexandrine Rose buds, is destined to work as an offering in spirit bonds and solemn ceremonies. It is mainly composed of high-quality dragon's blood resin, myrrh, coriander seeds, juniper berries, and wild saffron flowers (colchium autumnale). In order to activate the oath, the practitioner will just need to... Continue Reading →

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