Custom works

In OCCVLTA we rejoice in working for special individuals and projects. Thus we offer the choice of custom made incenses, liquids, talismans, and herbal blends for every purpose and occasion.

The customer will have total power over the crafting process of the artifact getting to choose over the special day/lunar phase ruling the resulting product, the deities honored in the process, the ultimate purpose and goal of the artifacts, etc.

Here is a list of the average prices for each category:


  • Small incense jar (30ml): 12-24 Euro
  • Medium incense jar (60ml): 18-30 Euro
  • Big incense jar (120 ml): 28-40 Euro


  • Small tincture dropper bottle: 8-15 Euro
  • Medium tincture dropper bottle: 10-20 Euro
  • Other sizes:


  • Small oil dropper bottle
  • Medium oil dropper bottle
  • Other sizes:


*Prices will entirely depend on the value and the amount of the ingredients used. This list is just orientational.

If you wish to ask for a custom made product please contact us at

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