El Ungüento de las Brujas curso online

El Ungüento de las Brujas IntroducciónContenidos del Curso   Introducción La brujería parece haberse puesto al servicio de las modas y tendencias espirituales del momento. Despojada de todo rastro de misticismo y tabú, la brujería se presenta ante nosotros como un camino sistémico, con metodología y dogmas, y por tanto con las limitaciones propias de... Continue Reading →

Eldritch Incense

Eldritch Incense, inspired by the universe envisioned by H.P. Lovecraft and his acolytes, is a dark, deep and hypnotic blend of narcotic spirits, which includes wormwood, labdanum, wild lettuce, damar resin, calamus root, spikenard and vetiver roots among others spirits. The blend is then left to macerate in squid ink diluted in our homemade absinthe.... Continue Reading →

Ancestor Incense

This blend can be offered as a warm and loving gift to our Ancestors, be they bound to us by blood or by land: to attract them, to appease them, and to let them know they have a place in our homes or shrines. Ancestor Incense is composed of poplar branches, myrrh, lavender, everlasting flowers,... Continue Reading →

Increase Incense

Increase Incense, a blend composed of apple tree branches, hazel leaves, chili peppers, frankincense, mastic, Saint John’s wort, and buttercup flowers. This incense was crafted on May 1st and left to macerate in wine and local honey. This incense facilitates wealth of all kinds, the opening of roads, and the making of good decisions. We... Continue Reading →

Diabolos Incense

Diabolos Incense, our new blend, dedicated to the Witchfather. A powerful mixture of walnut and blackthorn branches, rosehips, fig leaves, dammar resin, dragon’s blood, henbane flowers, and thornapple seeds. To be mixed with soil from your crossroads of choice and used in all those works that demand the presence of the Old One.

Harvest Oil

Our signature Harvest Oil is composed of a series of protective resins and herbs to be anointed on the hands and harvesting tools of the practitioner, they will make sure the blade or cutting tool of choice is not offending any genii locii or plant spirit and will help in the transition of the plant... Continue Reading →

Strix Oil

A pitch black oil made with black storax, belladonna leaf, mugwort root, nettle, poplar buds, blackthorn thorns, and walnut branch. With offerings poured in honor of the nocturnal spirits of the primitive witch, the strix, a member of the nocturnal phantom army that terrorized the mountain communities of Europe. This oil can be used in... Continue Reading →

Las Plantas y el Cerco curso online

Las Plantas y el Cerco IntroducciónContenidos del CursoCalendarioPreciosCómo inscribirse   Introducción En Occvlta entendemos la brujería como una senda que busca explorar los límites de la existencia, cruzar al Otro mundo, un camino cuyo objetivo es formar parte del todo trascendiendo el yo. Para poder llegar a ese estado de Otredad es necesario interactuar con... Continue Reading →

Plants of the Hedge online course

Plants of the Hedge IntroductionCourse SyllabusCalendarPricingHow to enroll   Introduction In Occvlta we understand witchcraft as a path that seeks to explore the limits of existence and grant us access to the Otherworld. Its aim is to bring us together with Otherness by transcending the self. In order to reach that state of Otherness, we... Continue Reading →

Calendario cursos online 2020-2021

Necromancia y Herbalismo, las Plantas de los Muertos 3-10 octubre 2020 a las 5pm Un recorrido a través de la historia y evolución de la Necromancia, una de las prácticas de hechicería más antiguas de la historia. Descubriremos las distintas plantas y aliados vegetales que han sido usadas en necromancia, ritos funerarios, y el culto... Continue Reading →

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